Robert Majernik is a Charleston, SC CPA who provides a range of services for individuals and small and medium businesses. From basic tax returns to corporate filings to bookkeeping and payroll, Robert helps SMBs stay on track without the financial burden of maintaining a full-time, in house CPA. 

  • Tax Preparation & Planning

    Whether you’re an individual or an SMB, don’t hire just anyone to do your taxes. As a CPA, Robert is not only licensed, he has met requirements for continuing education, experience, ethics, and good character as established by the South Carolina and Georgia boards of accountancy.

  • Bookkeeping

    Hiring a full-time, in house bookkeeper is often an unnecessary expense for small and medium businesses. Robert can function as an on-demand support for balancing your general ledger, recording cost and income transactions, and producing financial statements and reports.

  • Payroll

    Complex state and federal laws can make performing payroll too time-consuming for small business owners. Outsourcing your payroll to Robert allows you to spend more time growing your company and less time on administration. Outsourcing your payroll saves time, money, and eliminates the worries of mistakes.

  • Compilation

    If your small or medium business needs to present financial statements, Robert can help. For your compilation, Robert will learn about your business, financial reporting system, and accounting principles, and present your financial information in the proper format.

  • Review

    Robert can conduct a CPA review as needed for lenders, investors, suppliers, or customers. Reviews require an understanding of complex analytical procedures, and should be performed by a licensed CPA that you trust.

  • Virtual CFO

    Robert can serve as your small businesses vCFO, giving you access to industry Best Practices, expertise, and guidance without the expense and commitment of hiring an expensive executive. As your vCFO, Robert can help you create strategic goals, manage and forecast cash flow, budget, analyze opportunities, prepare financial statements and reports, perform contingency planning and more.