About the Firm

Robert Majernik, CPA, LLC has been serving the Lowcountry since 2014 and delivering expertise to our business and individual clients. My focus on customer service and the client experience makes me unique in our industry.

I am a Certified Public Accountant for the modern world ‐ more than a number‐ cruncher, I am an adviser and year‐round consultant. My boutique firm astutely understands the needs of modern professionals, students, families, and entrepreneurs and leaders in today's business world that is both going global and getting smaller. More than ever, insight and relevant answers are essential for the financial success of my clients.

Robert Majernik graduated from the University of Georgia Tull School of Accounting with his Masters and went on to obtain his Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Robert has over 15 years of experience in public and private accounting. He is licensed in Georgia and South Carolina.

When Robert isn’t crunching numbers for his clients, he likes to sail, travel and do home renovations and hang out with his dog, Bailey. He is married to Chris Majernik of Green Bag Designs.

Robert Majernik, CPA, LLC's results‐driven approach means I do not simply check the boxes and roll forward information.  I offer critical thinking and dive deep to understand your business. 

If you are paying me to make judgment calls ‐ don't you want me to use judgment?  Change is where opportunity lies, make sure you are ready for the next one.  If your accountant has you caught up in the "Same as Last Year" cycle, how are they monitoring change?   

Choose an adviser that monitors legislative changes, the business environment, and develops the insight through exposure and experience.  

Year after year, it seems that not many things stay the same.  At Robert Majernik, CPA, LLC I am your resource for advice and planning for the forces that shape your financial life.


"Robert is extremely professional, timely, and knowledgeable.  I wouldn't suggest using anyone else."

"This tax return experience has actually been a pleasure...I didn't think I would ever say that."

"He has helped me with personal taxes prior to starting my business to recently coming on a more active role in our company.  He has helped us control costs, pricing, bookkeeping, etc.  Robert has brought many valuable insights from behind the scenes without being over‐burdening while also be extremely responsive to any question I have.  Accounting is not my strong suit and he has helped "dumb it down" for me.  He has a direct role in bringing our company from the $22k deficit in July 2017 to a $45k profit by year end.  He and I met quite a bit during the first few weeks going into an in‐depth examination of our company's finances but we have turned it back around.  He found a lot of issuesI was unaware of at the time."